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Gold Alice Hoops

We present the “Alice Hoops,” a set of beautiful earrings that are ideal for any setting. These earrings are made of fine stainless steel and have a gorgeous golden finish that lends a touch of elegance to any ensemble. The stainless-steel material is long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and simple to care for, making these hoops ideal for everyday use. These exquisite alice earrings are both trendy and classic, making them the ideal accessory for any person. So why wait? The “Alice Hoops” will add a bit of glitz to your ensemble.

Length: 2.5cm

Oraima Jewellery is a Swiss brand est. in 2022, all their accessories are made of high quality and water resistant material. The Vintage Hunter is proud to present this brand at their webshop.

Jewellery Care Tips:

  • Maintain it clean! wipe it off with a soft cloth after each usage.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals. While stainless steel is strong, it is nevertheless susceptible to harm from substances like bleach, ammonia, and chlorine.
  • Put it away correctly, to prevent scratching.

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