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whats special about our brand? We don’t do monthly collection. We surprise our community with weekly vintage drops – carefully selected vintage pieces mostly made in Italy but as well American and French vintage garms.

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The Vintage Hunter was established in spring 2020 in Switzerland and stands for sustainable fashion, unique vintage pieces and the freedom to wear what you love. From sporty, reworked to classy. All our clothes are pre-loved, limited and unique with its character. 

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Vintage Pop-Ups by The Vintage Hunter has become a huge success. The first event ever was in December 2020. Our latest event was in October 2022 and incredible – big thank you for everyone involved. Follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) for events, updates & more. Next Pop-Up is already in preparation. 

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Since we launched our vintage brand in 2020 we sold over 3000 unique vintage pieces. We saved a lot of water, stood up against child labor, fast fashion and gave so many beautiful vintage clothes a new life.This wouldn’t be possible without all our loyal and supporting customers. Thank you!  Buy vintage save our planet.

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Sustainable & full of history

Its your choice – Vintage fashion is not about a defined style – its a way to support the sustainable fashion industry. To wear forgotten beautiful and unique pieces full of history and lived lifes.

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Latest Arrivals!

Selection of carefully handpicked vintage garms.

Vintage fashion is not only about sustainability its the chance to feel unique – to wear history. 



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“I am against fashion that is ephemeral.
I can’t accept throwing clothes away
just because it’s spring.”

Coco Chanel

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The Mademoiselle Collection


 Our mademoiselle collection differs from the vintage hunter collections as it is exclusively about elegant vintage women’s fashion. From silk blouses to intricately knitted Alpacka wool cardigans, brands like Burberry, Valentino, Balenciaga and more.

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Who we are

I am Evita, 24 years old and the founder of The Vintage Hunter. I am a passionated vintage fashion collector and I love thrift shopping. Thats why I launched my own vintage brand over two years ago.

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Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on orders over CHF 99

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Sustainable Shopping

All our clothes are vintage and pre-loved

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48h Customer Service

Contact us for any questions

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Hey ha dLevis übercho & sie sitzed echt so guet wie kei anders pärli woni ha und sind i perfektem Zuestand! Ha mi echt mega gfreut!

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It arrived, absolutely love my sweater and my boyfriend loves his shirt, thank you so much!!

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He han wölle sege das all das woni bi eu kauft han meega isch, han uu freud drah! Find euren Service Super!

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